Bulwark Exterminates Your Carpenter Ant Infestations

Houston is well-known for its brilliant restaurants and shopping, its unspoiled natural beauty, and its outdoor lifestyle. These and many more factors make Houston real estate unsurpassed. Unfortunately, Houston Carpenter ants can invade homes.

Carpenter ants are sometimes confused for termites, because both pests can have wings and gnaw through the wood on your Houston home and property. While anything made of wood on your property is vulnerable, Carpenter ants frequently build their nests in the wooden parts of your home and even your furniture. They can be destructive pests.

Fortunately, Bulwark Exterminating has licensed Carpenter ant control professionals to assist Houston homeowners with Carpenter ant infestations. With state-of-the-art carpenter ant control technology, and many years of experience to boot, Bulwark Pest Control has perfected a five-step Carpenter ant control process. This process is 100% guaranteed to exterminate your Carpenter ants.

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I appreciated the good service from your tech this evening. He showed up earlier in the day and did a great job outside, but I wasn't home to let him in to do the inside. I called to see if he could come back to do the inside in the evening. He drove back to my house in the Houston traffic to finish the job! Good service is much appreciated. Thank you Lee Omeara!