How Brown Recluse Spiders infest in the Fall

How Spiders Infest your Home in the Fall

The Houston Brown Recluse

Spiders are some of the world’s most feared bugs, and when it comes to the Brown Recluse that fear is real. This spider has intensely powerful venom that can cause quite a reaction from people. Ranging in shades of light and dark brown, this spider is about ¼ to ¾ of an inch in length. Brown Recluses also have the famous violin-shaped impression on their heads, although this is not an exclusive mark to the Brown Recluse. Check out our Brown Recluse guide to help you positively identify this insect.

The Mighty Bite of a Brown Recluse

While getting bit by a spider isn’t a big deal, Brown Recluses have a very dangerous bite. At first, most people don’t even notice being bit by a Brown Recluse, but eventually the body starts to react. The bite mark will begin to experience pain and itching along with, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, and fever in the rest of the body. In severe cases, the bite will scar and discolor.

Seek medical care in Houston if you are bitten by this arachnid.

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Bulwark Exterminates Brown Recluse Spiders Guaranteed

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