Where Can You Find a Black Widow?

Where Are Black Widows Found Around The House

The Threat of Black Widow Bites

Black Widow spiders can be found all over North America, and are some of the most threatening to residents. Female Black Widows have extremely potent venom and are quite easy to recognize. These arachnids are jet black and have a large abdomen with a red hourglass figure. It is possible for the Black Widow to not have the red marking, or just have random red lines. Seeing irregular webs around your home can also be a sign of a Black Widow infestation.

Black Widows have very impressive bites. These bites can cause nausea, vomiting, localized pain, headache, and more to mature adults. The Elderly and young children are more at risk if bitten by a Black Widow. If you or anyone else is bitten by a Black Widow seek medical help.

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