Whole House Clean Out Any Size Home!*


$35 OFF


Sept. 2018

In a Nutshell

Our Whole House Clean Out is the first step in Living a Bug Free life. This service helps clean out any existing bugs from the home. The service will target general pests with special details to the pests that are currently active within the walls of your home. Once the bugs have been cleaned out you will want to keep them out. The first exterior barrier spray is included with the whole house clean out. The regular exterior power spray from there will keep your future Bug Free and Happy! Do you want to live bug free? Call us today!

The Fine Print

*Offer expires Sept. 2018. Only one discount is available per household. Cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts, or offers. Valid with new service agreements. The $35 OFF on the initial whole home clean out is only valid with a service agreement, which includes 12 months of protection.

Free Call Backs and a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. See agreement for details.


Every year, about this time, the temperatures start rising to ideal levels. Beautiful weather brings to life the great outdoors.... And the the not-so-great outdoors. Termites have been part of our ecosystem for millions of years. They are very helpful in recycling wood. They give a lot back to nature. You just don't want them giving your home back to nature!

$25/Month Termite Monitoring*

Bulwark now offers you peace of mind with our Advanced Termite Bait and Monitoring Packages. We will help you protect your greatest asset from costly termite damage. Let Bulwark defend your home against the brewing termite swarms!

*Offer not valid in all areas. $25/month is the base price for homes up to 2800 square feet which already have regular Bulwark pest control services. Large lot sizes and difficult landscaping could increase the cost. Installation cost not included. Peace of mind is a common side effect of Bulwark's pest control services.

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