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PLEASE READ: 7 years ago, my wife and I built our house and had 2 infants. I told Bulwark I do not want to see not 1 bug in my house or I will go elsewhere. 7 years later and no bugs, my kids refer to Justin as the "Bug Man" and we are greatful for him. We have a large yard and Justin takes care of all of the critical areas without me asking. Justin is very customer orianted, knowledgable and friendly which is why we look forward to his visits. Justin is also an awesome BMX rider looking to go pro. Of all these reviews, I can honestly say Justin is Bulwarks best tech...after all...I HATE BUGS AND I SAID 7 YEARS AGO - NOT 1 BUG! Thank you Justin ~ Mr. Brown

Las Vegas, NV
David O. McKay
Let us consider youth as grouped into three classes according to their degree of aspiration: (1) First in their degree of aspiration: The 'Infusoria' class in which falls the listless, drifting youth. Down among the lowest types of living creatures, there is a little animal that moves about randomly and aimlessly...The Infusoria enter upon life aimlessly, and ninety-nine out of one hundred of these animals perish in consequence... (2) Higher in the scale of intelligence and uplift, there are those who may be classed as the 'firefly men'. Often on a summer's evening you perhaps observed as children what we used to call the 'lightening bug.' These flying creatures seemed most active just before a shower. The light from each would shine but for an instant, then the thing would be absorbed in the darkness. Another momentary flash, then blackness again. Such is the 'Firefly' youth with respect to noble aspiration. He has luminous hours in which his soul ardently desires to rise above all things mean and sordid, and to bask in the realm of enlightenment and beauty. He would be valiant and courageous in defending virtue and right under all circumstances. If he could only obtain strength and power, he would use them to help his fellowmen and make the world better! But when a few hours later he associates with his companions unfired by such noble ideals, the light of his aspiration fades, the fires of enthusiasm die, and his soul is absorbed in the darkness of indifference. However, it is better to have hoped and yearned for better things and had the hopes fade, then never to have yearned at all. The flicker at least shows the presence of a light that might be fanned into a constant flame. That is better than damp driftwood from which will come not even a spark. (3) Then there is the third group, which I call the 'Conifer' youth. In using this term, I have in mind not just the ordinary cone-bearing tree of the Conifer group, but particularly, the Giant Sequoia...Among them is one, 'The General Sherman,' which is estimated to be 3500 years old. It has withstood lightning, floods, fire and still lives on. It has survived because in it is the power of resistance. The 'Conifer' youth senses the fact that man is not just a mere animal, but is rather a spiritual being. He realizes that he is more than a physical object that is tossed for a short time from bank to bank, only to be submerged in the ever-flowing stream of life. There is something within him which urges him to rise above himself, to control his environment, to master the body and all things physical, and to live in a higher and more beautiful world.

– David O. McKay
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  • "We just gotta Know it's right." When you have a problem, we'll call you back a few days after the treatment to confirm that things are taken care of.
  • Flexible scheduling: Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. Tell us when you want us there. Nobody wants to take vacation time to meet "the bug guy."
  • The anti-"no-show" policy: Nothing is more annoying than being stood up by a Service Company. If we fail to show up in the scheduled time frame without calling prior to reschedule, then the next regular service is free. With this kind of policy, we obviously must make our appointments to remain in business.

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