Our wording:

It's simple 100% satisfaction, or your money back.

Our guarantee guidelines:
  • We will exceed your expectations of a service company
  • "When you call us, we'll be there." Today if we can, but no later than tomorrow. It's our 48-hour callback policy. (Excludes Sunday's and Holidays.)
  • Unlimited Free Reservices: If the pests come back, we do too. No charge. Communication is key. We love to hear from customers who need a little extra help. It means they understand that we are there for them.
  • "We just gotta know it's right." When you have a problem, we'll call you back a few days after the treatment to confirm that things are taken care of.
  • Flexible scheduling: Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. Tell us when you want us there. Nobody wants to take vacation time to meet "the bug guy."
  • The anti-"no-show" policy: Nothing is more annoying than being stood up by a Service Company. If we fail to show up in the scheduled time frame without calling prior to reschedule, then the next regular service is free. With this kind of policy, we obviously must make our appointments to remain in business.

Note: Guarantees are included on all service agreements. Please see service agreement for details.

Satisfied Customers

Fairbanks Zoo Mesa, AZ
Your company is the only one in the valley that took care of my scorpion infestation that other companies couldn't even make a dent in. Nate Skinner is, by far, the best technician I could have ever hoped for. He makes sure the bugs are not just controlled, but dead, every month. I have a lot of kids in my home and it's great to know that I don't have to worry about them getting stung anymore. Thank You Bulwark!!! The Fairbanks Zoo‎
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