Pest control is more than just killing bugs. Pest control is about providing a homeowner with peace of mind; protecting you and your family from the adverse effects pests can cause your home, your property, and your health. Pest control is about listening to the customer, and providing guaranteed solutions, no matter the pest problem.

Bulwark Pest Control is Powdersville’s preferred pest control provider because we believe that being in the pest control industry is more than just killing bugs. Family owned and operated, with years of pest control experience; Bulwark technicians truly work with you to not only exterminate the pests that are troubling you, but use our training and education in pest extermination technology to prevent pest from returning to your home again in the future.


Powdersville In A Nutshell

Once known as a small farming community, the city of Powdersville has exploded in population as new business and housing suburbs have moved in these recent years. It’s not hard to see why Powdersville has grown. With Greenville just eight miles to the northeast, many Powdersville residents enjoy all a suburb has to offer, with the city just a short drive away. Residents love golfing at the many nearby courses, walking the track at Hurricane Park, or reading a novel at Powdersville Branch Library.

Bulwark Exterminating in Powdersville, SC

See for yourself why Bulwark Exterminating in Powdersville, SC comes so highly recommended from your family, friends, and neighbors. Our people truly make the difference. If your are being plagued by an infestation of crickets, roaches, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, spiders, ants, silverfish, springtails, or any other creepy crawly; make sure you call Bulwark Exterminating now! Live pest free today!

Bulwark Exterminating is here to service Powdersville, SC and nearby Greenville, Gantt, Dunean, Piedmont, Pendleton, Clemson, Berea, Northlake, and Mauldin.

Servicing the following Powdersville zip codes: 29611, 29642, and 29673.

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