Customer Satisfaction is not Cliché

As far back as I can remember, most companies have been claiming that at the center of all that they do, of all that they stand for, and at the top of their priority list, is the overarching quality of “customer satisfaction.” This has become somewhat of a cliché. Meanwhile people have become desensitized and distrustful by promises not met, true concern for the customer, and a desire to “listen to the voice of the customer,” has fallen below the level of true productivity on the totem poll of priority.

Bulwark management understands that “if you want to know what type of a company you’re dealing with, ask it’s customers.” Bulwark hungers after customer knowledge, through surveys, follow up calls after an initial service is performed, follow up calls after each “free call back” is performed, and developing system after system to increase employee productivity in order to create a culture of Customer Satisfaction.

I have been fortunate to work for Bulwark Exterminating for 7 years now. I have seen the company progress in many areas with the number one priority being to learn what the customer wants, and designing all around that concept. We understand that the true mark of a great service company is how happy and satisfied its customers are. This culture has opened my eyes to what I as a manager must be willing to do myself in order to deliver the service that will contribute to making Bulwark the greatest service company In the world.

The Differences were Immediate

After working for several years with a major pest control company, I joined the Bulwark team. The differences were immediate. At Bulwark every employee, down to the newly hired entry level position has a voice. Every person has the ability to speak directly to an owner at any time via either email or telephone. You are made to feel instantly like your opinion counts. Bulwark has allowed me to grow and prosper in ways no other company in the industry would have allowed. Ideas I have voiced have been made reality and this is the norm, not the occasional success story. After years at Bulwark, I am still excited at the prospect of a new day, a new month, and a new year as they approach. I take great pride in treating my customer base with the same respect Bulwark and my fellow employees have shown me through the years.

Honesty and Respect

I have been a member of the Bulwark team for six years now, and I am pleased with the direction in which the company is heading. I have always been treated with honesty and respect. Putting customers first has always been the top priority for Bulwark. Going through the “Bulwark School of Management” has taught me real life management skills that have helped me in so many other aspects of my life. I enjoy being part of a team where people really care about each other, from employees all the way down to each individual customer.

I know it's hard to believe...

Bulwark is passion, commitment, inspiration, and more. I know, it’s hard to believe that I would be talking about a pest control company that way, but it's true. When I started here it was a good job for my family. Having had several other jobs, I was immune to the high aspirations of the company leaders, “We will be the greatest service company in the world.”.... "Sure, anyone could say that"… but now, several years later, I believe it. I have found in this company what I was unable to find in any other company. I love my job, I love our people, and I love this company.

Bulwark Cares.

It is a joy to work for a company that believes so strongly in family, quality and integrity.

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