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James is a valuable member of the Bulwark Exterminating team. He began in Austin as a technician early on in the company's history. He is now a service manager in Houston and still works hard as your local Houston Exterminator.

Bulwark is the Exception

Way back in 1999, I was in between careers and very frustrated with the typical jobs offered by corporate America. In previous jobs, it didn't matter how much work I performed, I was paid an hourly rate. Often, the same as the guy who stood around and did as little as possible, while taking a paycheck equal to mine. I have always worked hard and tried to lead by example, yet I could not find a satisfying position. I could not find a company that would offer growth, honest compensation for hard work, and a strong plan for the future.

I was fortunate to meet one of the Bulwark owners one day and was offered a position as a technician, even though I didn't know what it meant, I was excited. When I discussed the opportunity with my wife and my mother, my mother said, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” After more than nine years with the company, I can honestly say that Bulwark is the exception to that. Bulwark has been very good to me, and my family, in fact, my two brothers, who have a similar work ethic, came to Bulwark and have each been promoted to branch managers. All three of us are supporting our families in different cities and my mom has since rescinded her statement.

I enjoy coming to work each day.

Mr. Seever approached me to join the Bulwark Team in 2000 as a Service Technician. I did not know what to expect, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, both financially and emotionally. Bulwark is completely different than any company that I have ever worked for, and I love it. I actually enjoy coming to work each day.

Employees are measured and awarded based on performance. Annual surveys and quality control calls help us keep in touch with the customer’s voice. We are very humble, always seeking change to be better. When a mistake does happen, we first ask ourselves, “What is the RIGHT thing to do?”, and then we do it. Bulwark is nothing without its customers.

The owners of Bulwark truly believe that the livelihood of its employees and their families is their responsibility. On many occasions I have seen them make personal sacrifices to insure their livelihood. Bulwark is family, and employees are treated like family.

What's Bulwark done for my Family?

Because of the lessons I have learned working at Bulwark, I have become a better father, husband and person. I believe that taking this job was the second greatest decision of my life next to deciding to marry the love of my life. I would not be where I am today neither professionally nor personally without Bulwark in my life. I am what I call a lifer. I will never leave the company because of how my family and I are taken care of by the Bulwark family. Bulwark has done so much for my family. Bulwark has given me a job that I do not consider a job. I am happy at work therefore happier when I get home at the end of the day. I have a higher quality of life because Bulwark treats me like family. I believe that Bulwark treats everyone, “Like Family.”

We Never Forget Our Goal

I have been part of the Bulwark Family for over four years now. From the beginning I knew I had found a company that was different from the rest. Bulwark takes care of all its employees and especially its customers. We never forget about our goal, which is to be "The Most Productive, Highest Quality, Service Company In The World."

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