Customer Satisfaction is not Cliché

As far back as I can remember, most companies have been claiming that at the center of all that they do, of all that they stand for, and at the top of their priority list, is the overarching quality of “customer satisfaction.” This has become somewhat of a cliché. Meanwhile people have become desensitized and distrustful by promises not met, true concern for the customer, and a desire to “listen to the voice of the customer,” has fallen below the level of true productivity on the totem poll of priority.

Bulwark management understands that “if you want to know what type of a company you’re dealing with, ask it’s customers.” Bulwark hungers after customer knowledge, through surveys, follow up calls after an initial service is performed, follow up calls after each “free call back” is performed, and developing system after system to increase employee productivity in order to create a culture of Customer Satisfaction.

I have been fortunate to work for Bulwark Exterminating for 7 years now. I have seen the company progress in many areas with the number one priority being to learn what the customer wants, and designing all around that concept. We understand that the true mark of a great service company is how happy and satisfied its customers are. This culture has opened my eyes to what I as a manager must be willing to do myself in order to deliver the service that will contribute to making Bulwark the greatest service company In the world.

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