Satisfied Customers
I have never been happier with a pest control company. I recommend you CONSTANTLY!!! (Smiley Face)

Kelly R
Round Rock, TX
We listen to our customers:

Tell us what you want and we'll find a way. We conduct a voluntary annual survey of our customers. Additionally, customers may go online at any time and critique any specific treatment rendered. You know what you need; we're bad guessers but good listeners.

"Exceeding Your Expectations":

Every service company makes mistakes. A great service company is defined by how it responds after a mistake is made. We commit to send out a service technician either "the day of" or "the next day" to solve any pest problems in between services. We are able to walk our talk, because we have GPS on the trucks, mobile phones on the technicians, and bonuses for picking up extra services in the day. Often times, we can get out there the same day, because pest problems inside your home can't wait a week.

Follow-up service calls:

When was the last time a service company contacted you after their technician had completed a re-service problem? That's standard operating procedure at Bulwark, We just gotta know it's right!