Crickets can keep you up all night! Beyond just being annoying, crickets will also cause damage to clothes as they will diet on cotton, silk, wool, and even synthetic fabrics. If you happen to find Jerusalem crickets invading your home, watch out, because they do bite. But no need to really worry, crickets are fairly easy to control and keep out.

We can help with all types of cricket problems. House crickets, camel crickets, field crickets, Jerusalem crickets, brown, black, ugly, jumping... We've got a solution to all your cricket woes, and all of our services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get your Bulwark today!



bul·wark nounˈbu̇l-(ˌ)wərk, -ˌwȯrk; ˈbəl-(ˌ)wərk;

a: a solid wall-like structure raised for defense
b: a protective barrier

Are you protected by 3 layers of exterior defense and an in-wall interior defense?

Bulwark Exterminating’s cricket pest control service will focus on the main areas of your home where crickets invade. If the cricket problem is bad enough and inside treatment is needed, Bulwark will use baits in walls and under cabinets. When whole neighborhoods are being flooded with crickets, the pest will travel from yard to yard very rapidly. Therefore, it is key that a pest control professional targets the main moisture points within the yard. Eliminating these safe havens in the yard and in turn keeping crickets out of the yard is the first line of defense Bulwark offers. Maintaining a perimeter treatment around the base of your home becomes a second bulwark, and treating the entry points around your home, becomes a third and final layer of defense. Keeping these defensive barriers up on a regular service is advised, as the July and August months will often see an increase in crickets. A lot of cricket activity will also cause a spike in scorpions and spider problems.

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Monika C.

We’ve used Bulwark for a year. When they said they would take care of our pest problems. They did just that! No more crickets or spiders! A special rave review to Maze Tufele! He was efficient, polite and had great customer service. Maze's willingness to take charge of our pest problems was outstanding. Hats off to you Maze and Bulwark!

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Satisfied Customers

Julie Gilbert, AZ
We live in a developing community and have had major challenges with crickets and some scorpions this year. We've had to call Bulwark on more fruently than they are scheduled and really appreciate the responsiveness. That said, 2 weeks ago we called someone out and they did not do a good job, spent less than 1 minute inside the home. Of course we had crickets back and even one scorpion. Dusitn came out on an emergency call from me this past Monday and he was fantastic!!!! Asked lots of questions, did exactly as I requested and smiled a lot. This is the type of service Bulwark provided when we first signed up 18 months ago - good to see this service back and I would like Dustin to come to our home every time!! Thank you.‎
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