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Satisfied Customers
I just started with Bulwark about 2 weeks ago because I have had ants in the hundreds. I decided on Bulwark over the other companies because I saw a employee of theirs spraying my bosses house. His name was Ryan Peck I asked him a few questions about how safe it was and he let me know that my family and pets were safe. He gave me a card and said thast if I was intrested to just give him a call. Ablout a month later I got those ants canceled my other company and called him. He got me on his next available day and just sprayed once inside and out then said that he will be back in 10 days to check up, but said they would most likely be gone in 3-5 days. I am telling you 4 days later it was like day and night they were gone he worked wonders. If all of Bulwark's emploiyees are as detailed and knoledgealbe as Ryan is. I believe this is the only company to go with in Las Vegas. I have been with 4 other companies and this is the ones i will stay with. Thanks for the great service Ryan!!!

Las Vegas, NV
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*Bulwark is a private family owned pest control company . Branch Managers are given stewardship over their areas and offices. Bulwark recommends contacting your local branch for immediate assistance. Bulwark will reply to requests submitted through this form as quickly as possible but delays may occur. The main office is located in Phoenix Arizona and operates from 9 to 5 Arizona time.