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Wow, what can't I say about Eric. I don't think there's enough space to compliment just how good his is. He's the best, he takes great pride in his work and always welcome's you with his smile, very professional. He is the best, the number one guy and the only one I trust to enter my house to spray for bugs. Even my dog loves him. Because Eric loves his job so much and it shows, he does an outstanding job, that is the reason I have recommended your company to many of my friends. If Eric didn't work for your company, I know I would not be using Bulwark. Plus you guys are always willing to come out on short notice if I see any more bugs. I only wish I could increase the tip you guys are going to be giving them from $15 to a larger amount. Again your company is the best, and Eric, the number one guy. I am a very happy customer.‎

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Back in June we posted a word search puzzle on our Facebook page in which was hidden a number of pest-related words. We really didn't know how much response we would get, but it has since become easily the most engaging social piece we've ever shared. In case you missed it, this is what we posted. [caption id="attachment_3422" align="aligncenter" width="679"]Pest word search puzzle. Which did you see first? Is it the one you fear the most? Pest word search puzzle. Which did you see first? Is it the one you fear the most?[/caption]   As we saw the engagement numbers grow, we decided to wait until we had 10,000 responses before we took a good look at the results. Two weeks ago we passed that mark. And, as promised, here are the results, findings and observations from the puzzle.   [caption id="attachment_3743" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Bulwark Search Word Puzzle Bulwark Search Word Puzzle[/caption]   Everybody fears scorpions the most. We have a lot of insider information around here, but anybody in our company could have told you that. No surprise for us. Not only do many of you consider "rice" a pest, but you fear it more than wasps, bedbugs and lice. I guess if you've had a really bad experience with rice, that could make sense. Maybe an unpleasant experience at the dinner table or on a date at a restaurant. Your responses put "cat" fifth on the list. I'm personally not a cat-guy myself, so I can kind of understand that. I might even agree with it. Wasps come next, that's understandable. After that the next pest most discovered was... ice. Ice? Yeah, ice. Apparently over 700 of you have some sort of pest-like phobia of ice. In fact, that even has a name: Pagophobia. Look it up! "Bugs", "roach", "fly" and "bedbugs" follow that. We thought some of those would be higher on the list but we're not here to judge anybody. Near the bottom comes some of our favorite answers. Nearly 200 respondents noticed or have a fear of cops. No explanation needed there! We get that. Some of us here in the office may or may not share the same sentiment. Down just a bit further on the list is "toys". There is no definition beyond that, but it would have been nice to know exactly what kinds of toys you were all thinking about. Next to last on the list was "ted". Ted can be a lot of things to a lot of people. You might have a boss you don't like named Ted. You may have a brother-in-law named Ted that makes you dread holiday get-togethers and family pictures. Whichever Ted may be plaguing your life, we thought we'd represent him with our most favorite and unfavorite Ted of Hollywood. Dead last on the list is an item we consider to be of considerable debate. "Soda" ranks at the very bottom. To some in this office, it is truly the sweet nectar of life. The sustenance from which all things grow and bloom. The lifeline to the lives we lead. But we understand there is a big health-kick going around, so we'll allow it on the list. For now.