Transcript from Scorpion Control -Where do Scorpions Live:

Pest Control Professional Speaking: "A lot of times, what you’ll find are these guys out by the brick walls. These cinderblock walls run all along the backs of each home, and so we call these scorpion condos because they can travel freely through the walls and reproduce in there and cause quite a bit of problem. It’s common to come out to your back wall and find dozens of these throughout the whole yard." "A lot of times they’ll stay here, but when you start providing water supplies closer and closer to your home, they eventually work their way into your home. Here’s an example of a smaller one inside the crack moving around in there. He’ll go back inside there and find a hole that will go throughout the brick here and he’ll be safe." "They thrive in there because they have no natural predators, so it’s a perfect environment for them because they can come out at night, obtain all of the food they need, and then return back into the wall and again, without any type of treatment, these guys will go without any type of anything to kill them off and they’ll infest neighborhoods by the thousands." - Bulwark Exterminating Scorpion Control

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Karl Las Vegas, NV
I was new to Las Vegas when I found my first scorpion. I contacted this company (my neighbors both use Bulwark) and They sent out Ryan Peck. He did a wonderful job explaining what he was doing and also promoting the company. I have now been using Bulwark for over a year and have never had a problem with them coming back out (when I did have a bug in the house), making appointments, or just answering questions that I may have. I did make a request to the company that they only send out Ryan to do my yard,as he takes the extra time to make sure it is done to my satisfaction, He is definatly an asset to this company.‎