Here at Bulwark Exterminating, we have much to be thankful for this holiday season.

Of all the things we have to be thankful for as a company, we are most thankful for you the customer. We have the greatest customers in the world… Many of you feel more like family than customers. You’ve been there to greet our technicians at the door, with a smile on your face, happy to see us. We love listening to all of your stories, as you keep us updated on what’s new in your lives. During those hot and sticky summer days, you were always quick to offer a tall glass of ice cold water. Some of you have even made our technicians lunch, bought them pizza, and we even had one of you bake a technician a delicious pie. You all have been so cordial; graciously thanking us for eliminating all of your pest problems. So many of you have written raving reviews about our service on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Facebook; thanking Bulwark’s technicians by name. This Thanksgiving, Bulwark truly is thankful for each and every one of our loyal customers. We love serving you and ensuring your Thanksgiving is pest free!

Our Customer Give Thanks Through Reviews

“Just had our first visit from technicians Adam and Dallas with Bulwark. The difference in professionalism was obvious from the first conversation. These guys know their business and they specialize in eradicating evil bark scorpions from homes. They moved furniture, treated furniture, pointed out gaps in my weather stripping that allows critters to get inside. Treated the gap between the carpet and the wall going up my stairs, under the baseboards, even put the granular stuff into my wall outlet boxes. I've now got my own black light flashlight so I don't worry so much about walking around the house after dark. Treated the outside all the way back to the rocks that the little guys live in. Die in excruciating pain, little scorpions.” “I'm very impressed with the techs' professionalism, knowledge, and dedication. Looking forward to a week, a month, a year without seeing any bugs.”

Benny K. Henderson, NV 11/12/2013

“I am writing to state that I've been a Bulwark customer for several years. They have impeccable service and have helped us keep scorpion free in our house which is next to a mountain. Cory A. is our technician which helped us address an ant problem and was very knowledgeable with other insect concerns. The glue traps are a great tool and I appreciate the friendly, professional, timely service we receive. Thanks Cory & Bulwark.”

Pam B. Peoria, AZ 10/30/2013

“I want to say how much we enjoy Bulwarks' services. The team immediately answers our calls and their techs are so informative and friendly. Nikki in particular was really great - super friendly, showed us the extent of our pest problem, and even picked up a pest or two that scared us! No more fire ants and spiders make me a happy customer.”

Moona C. Pflugerville, TX 11/12/2013

Happy Thanksgiving From Bulwark Exterminating!

Thankful Girls

All of us here at Bulwark Exterminating, would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving! Take some time this holiday, and reflect on all of the many wonderful things we have to be grateful for. Play and watch lots of football, have seconds of pecan pie, and spend time with all of your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

In 1621 the Wampanoag Natives and Pilgrims got together in Plymouth, Massachusetts gathering around a delectable roast turkey; thus solidifying the birds place in history. “Turkey Day,” as it is sometimes called, is celebrated by millions of Americans each year and culminates with the eating of some five billion pounds of turkey. This year alone Americans will eat over 270 million turkeys over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

A Turkey’s Insect Diet

As much as Americans love eating turkey, turkeys equally love eating insects. While farm raised turkeys eat seeds and cracked corn, wild turkeys are considered opportunistic omnivores. This means they eat a diverse assortment of plants and insects. Throughout the year, turkeys might feast on hundreds of different plant and invertebrate species. Insects are a smaller, but important, element of the wild turkey’s diet. This helps the bird get the protein it needs to survive in the wild.

Pests Your Thanksgiving Turkey Might Eat


During the summer and fall months, turkeys head into the fields munching on Differential Grasshoppers. Landowners love having wild turkeys on their property for this very reason. Turkeys eat the grasshoppersand other pests that quickly destroy plants and vegetation.


A turkey will listen for the song of a field cricket. That chirping sound, that most of us find annoying, helps a turkey locate these crunchy meals.

Black Carpenter Ants

Black Carpenter ants are a common insect for turkeys to eat. They are easy to find, and are on the turkey’s ground level. When a turkey finds an ant nest, it will dig and scratch away at it gobbling up every ant in sight.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders are quite a tasty treat for turkeys, when they can find them. Wolf spiders are usually very shy and quickly run away when disturbed. English: Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), f...


Chiggers are actually mites, cousins of spidersand ticks. Most of us have heard of them, or have been bitten by them, but don't know what they are exactly. Chiggers spend most of their lives living in moist soil, and that’s where turkeys will find them.

Centipedes & Millipedes

Turkeys will scratch and ding near tree roots in search for these delectable meals. For more information about centipedes and millipedes, click here.

Earthworms & Slugs

These slimy garden pests are like filet mignon to a turkey… One of their favorites!


The crunch of a beetlein the beak of a turkey is something rural farmers love to hear. Colorado potato beetles, boll weevils and the Carpet beetles frequently create insect control problems when they invade and destroy household items and agricultural crops.


While scorpions are not common in most of the Turkey loving/living states, we have evidence to suggest that if a Turkey happened upon a scorpion it would indeed indulge itself to a tasty treat. The evidence lies in the chicken. Chickens will and do eat scorpions in Arizona.

What Would A Turkey’s Thanksgiving Dinner Look Like?

Now that we've examined some of the pests a turkey eats, this got this bug guy thinking: “What would a turkey’s thanksgiving dinner look like?” For Bulwark’s a menu of a full four course Thanksgiving dinner for a turkey, click here.

Bulwark Pest Control

Wild turkeys love eating bugs and other creepy crawlies that can be commonly found in your home and on your property; but you’re no turkey. The thought of eating pests like Wolf Spiders is grotesque. You want them out of your home! If you are bugged by pests like roaches, spiders, ants or scorpions this Thanksgiving or anytime during the year, contact Bulwark Exterminating at 1-800-445-9313. Make sure your house guests have a pest free Thanksgiving. Sorry if you consider a certain house guest a pest; we have no remedy for him or her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

At Bulwark Exterminating, we are thankful for you and for your business this year. Whether we've been a regular visitor to your home for years, or you've just been introduced to our Bulwark pest barrier, we’re thankful to have you as a member of our Bulwark Pest Controlfamily. Happy Thanksgiving!



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