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We have had Bulwark for the past 5 years and have always had excellent service. At our last routine appointment, my husband spoke to Ron, the Technician, about a spider problem we are having. Ron answered our questions honestly, and applied the proper treatment. He was knowledgeable and professional about the issues we were having. Bulwark has always kept their appointments, and have responded immediately to any service calls we have made.‎

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Mesa Pest Control

Bulwark Exterminating proudly serves the valley of the sun. One of our branch locations is Mesa, AZ. Arizona has hot summers so pests are going to go inside of homes seeking a cooler place to live. Mesa residents are also constantly building new homes and new sprinkler systems to water their lawns. This provides new water sources for pests to thrive. Bulwark is here to provide a quality solution with a money-back guarantee.

Mesa Pests

Pests to look out for include: scorpions, roaches, spiders, ants and bed bugs. Scorpions are deadly to small infants and the elderly, and their bites hurt. Cockroaches smell and carry diseases wherever they go. Arizona is home to the black widow spider, the deadliest spider in North America. Ants infest by the thousands, with queens laying eggs everyday. Inspecting your home for bed bugs is a must... Nobody wants the bed bugs to bite.

Bulwark Exterminating

At Bulwark we have a family pest control service for all of your pest control needs, including the pests already mentioned. If you experience problems with your service call us back and we will spray your home again at no extra charge. In Mesa we also have our nocturnal scorpion service to specifically target the scorpions when they are active. A bulwark is a barrier; we protect your home from invading pests.