Transcript from Bulwark Exterminating Employee Loved by All:

Pest Control Specialist and Employee, Jared, interviews: Jared: "When I do a good job, it feels great. I love making customers happy, making them feel satisfied with the service that they get. Yeah, we’re pretty friendly with the neighbors around here. Hey, how’s it going?" Neighbor: "Good!" Jared: "Oh man, it’s good to see you again." Neighbor #2: "We’ll see you tomorrow." Jared: "Yeah, a long time." - Bulwark Exterminating Pest Control

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Sergio M. Peoria, AZ
I would like to express my appreciation to Bulwark for the great service. Your company is always on time and your technicians are very knowledgeable about their duties. I would like to especially recognize Taylor. Thx Bulwark!
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