Sept 11 TributeSeptember 11, 2001 will always be a tragic day in American history, but in the years since the attacks, it has become a day to honor the victims and survivors by doing good. We've proven as a country, that good things can come after disaster. It’s been 12 years since that tragic September day, so here are 12 ways we can honor the victims of 9/11:

1. Volunteer

Volunteers One of the biggest ways you can honor those whose lives where lost on that tragic day, is to serve your fellow man. Go out of your way and look for ways in which you can serve. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen. Read a patriotic book to children at the library. Help out in your son or daughter’s first grade class. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Volunteer to serve! Even the smallest act of service is a way to honor those we lost on 9/11. Pledge to perform a good deed at

2. Attend A Memorial

Sept 11 memorialNew York, Washington, DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania all have memorials that allow the public to reflect on the events of September 11th, and pay tribute to the many lives which were lost. If you are going to be far from these memorials, there is a very good chance there is a commemoration of some kind in your vicinity. A quick Google search should lead you to an event in your area.

3. Write A List Of Things In Which You're Thankful

Woman making listThis Patriot day, give thanks and show gratitude! One of the easiest ways you can do this is to write a list of all the things you are thankful for. Be thankful that you live in the greatest country in the world; and be thankful for all the people around you. Be thankful for the blessings you have in your life, and remember that many of these blessing would not be afforded to you if it wasn't for the sacrifices of so many.

4. Donate Blood

Donate BloodAfter the September 11th attacks, the blood supply at the Red Cross was at an all time high. So many Americans waited in long lines to donate. Today, however, the Red Cross’ national blood supply has reached a 15 year low. This Patriot Day, going to your local blood bank and donating is among the most important contributions you can make to your community.

5. Thank A Serviceman Or Servicewoman

September 11 FirefighterTaking some time to thank your firefighters and police officers speaks volumes, as they were some of the first responders that tragic September day. Many of the 3,000 lives that were lost that day were in fact firefighters and police officers. These men and women acted as heroes; and still do today. Say thank you. Give them a wave and a smile. Drop some cookies off at the fire station. Whatever… Just say thanks!

6. Take A CPR Class

CPR ClassI’m not at all trying to compare any act that you and I could ever do, to the acts of those brave men and women who lost their lives trying to save the victims of the terrorist attacks. What I am saying, is that if and when any sort a tragedy strikes, prepare yourself to save the life of someone else. Learn CPR. Along the same lines as donating blood, learning CPR is a very important contribution that you can offer to your community.

7. Fly The Flag

Fly_The_FlagHonor those who lost their lives on September 11th by flying Old Glory! It’s American. It’s patriotic. It shows love and support for your country. Don’t have a flag pole? Change your profile picture on Facebook to that of an American flag.

8. Write A Thank You Letter To The Troops

Letter To Soldier This Patriot Day write a letter to our troops, basically thanking our soldiers for answering the call to duty… Just like the first responders did on 9/11. It is very uplifting for the soldiers to hear stories about people back in the US that are going out of their way to support them; both at home and while they are forward deployed. Your contribution to the health and welfare of those who serve our nation, and their families, is a special gift indeed. Men and women overseas take comfort in knowing people like you are thinking about them. The support and patriotism of simply writing a letter has helped strengthen the resolve of this country, strengthen the resolve of our soldiers. It's the people writing letters that keep our troops motivated and proud to serve our country. Learn more about writing letters to the troops at:

9. Plant A Tree

Planting Tree I know that planting a tree might seem cliché, but doing so is a traditional way to celebrate life…Something that should be done to remember lives lost. Not up to planting a tree, tie yellow ribbons around the trees in your neighborhood. For more information on the plant a tree movement, check out:

10. Tell Your Loved Ones How Much They Are Loved

Military father and daughterWe all know that we need to tell those who are precious to us that we love them more often; why not today. September 11th is one of those days where emotions run high; and tender moments are felt. Share these feelings and moments with loved ones. Hug your kids tight. Call your mom.

11. Celebrate The Little Moments

Little_MomentsThis September 11th, slow down. Appreciate all that is around you. Pay close attention to the little things; like your young daughter tying her shoe, your son laughing at his cartoons, and your spouse slurping their breakfast cereal. These little moments are precious, and may not exist if it weren't for the sacrifices of so many.

12. Reflect

Memorial Wall ReflectionTwelve years since the attacks on our Country, we all still remember that tragic September day. Most of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the horrible news. I was waiting in line at a bank drive thru, on my way to my freshman chemistry class, when I turned on the radio and was shocked to hear two planes had crashed into each of the World Trade Center buildings; and additional planes had crashed into a Pennsylvania field and the Pentagon building respectively. Many of us can still close our eyes, and remember in almost near perfect detail, those painful moments when grief somberly crashed over us like a tidal wave. Americans all over the world held each other tight, seeking the assurance that the country we knew and loved wasn't collapsing under our feet. Our memories will always be fresh, along with our sympathy for the victims and their families. Take some time to remember and reflect on the events of that day; and the people and first responders whose lives were lost.

We Will Never Forget

For all of us here at Bulwark Pest Control, we will never forget those innocent people, whose lives were lost September 11th 2001. We are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us in this country, and are grateful to those who continue to defend it against any further acts of terror.


Summer is in full swing, and pests like ants, scorpions, cockroaches, bedbugs, ticks, spiders, and snails are all looking to put a damper on our summer fun. Over the years, victims of these pests have been frantically searching for effective pest control remedies to combat these unwanted invaders. Some work; some don’t. Some are just plain bizarre. Here are the top ten most bizarre pest control remedies:

10. Don't Embrace Your Inner Al Borland- Ditch The Flannel

Flannel_Shirt_In_Tree Bet you didn't know that Home Improvement’s Al Borland was virtually a tick magnet. Blood-sucking ticks hide out in the trees and bushes on your property, waiting for an unsuspecting host to brush up against them… FYI that blood host is YOU or your pets. A little known fact; these ticks are known to jump onto flannel as they are attracted to the fibers. Tick Remedy: To get rid of ticks on your property, drag pieces of flannel tied to rope or string throughout your yard. Make sure the flannel passes through all the shrubbery in your yard, as these are the areas ticks lurk. You can hang your flannel shirt in a tree as well. The ticks will jump onto the flannel for a ride. When you’re done, check the flannel for ticks. Carefully remove them and place them in a bowl of disinfectant (bleach/water). If the number of ticks stuck to the flannel is substantial, disinfect the entire piece and dispose of it. Note: Fleas are also attracted to flannel.

9. Pick Up Smoking

Woman Choking On Cigarette Smoke Spider Remedy: Haven’t you heard the saying, “A pack a day keeps the spiders away?” The chemicals in cigarette smoke are bad for bugs, especially spiders, just like they are bad for humans. While cigarettes are effective killers of all things living, we don’t recommend picking up smoking to control your spider infestations. Read more about smoking being bad for bugs. 

8. Buy Them A Drink

Snail Drinking Glass of Beer

Snail & Slug Remedy:Are you in need of an inexpensive and simple method to get rid of garden slugs and snails? Simply buy them a beer. As it turns out, snails and slugs love beer just as much as the average person. Place empty pie tins randomly throughout your garden, and fill them about ½ an inch full of your favorite beer. Slugs and snails will slime their way into the pie tin, but will not be able to get out. Check the tins every morning, replace the stale beer, and discard the captured slugs and snails.

7. Cat Food- A Tasty Treat

Cat Food Ant & Roach Remedy:Having problems with ants or cockroaches… Just feed them cat food! While the thought alone of eating cat food would kill just about anybody, it’s especially effective at killing ants and roaches. Technically, it’s not the cat food that kills the pests, but the boric acid you mix with it. Here’s what you need:

¼ Cup Grape Jelly 1 Small Can Wet Cat Food 1 Teaspoon Boric Acid

Directions:Mix all three ingredients together. Place small spoonfuls of the cat food near foraging ants and cockroaches. In the case of ants; not only will they eat the deadly poison, but will also bring some back for the Queen ant to munch on. If baited successfully, the ants in the nest should be exterminated within a couple days. The cockroaches will also die after ingesting the boric acid laced cat food.

6. Hang A Scarecrow Nest

Scarecrow Wasp Nest Wasp Remedy:Wasps are one of the worst summertime pests. That sentiment is magnified if you ever have to deal with a wasp’s nest on your property. One solution is to buy or build your own fake wasp nest. It’s like a scarecrow for wasps! Many kinds of wasp are extremely territorial and will not build a nest within 200 yards of another one. Hang a scarecrow nest in the front yard, and one in back. Now you can enjoy your outdoor picnics!

5. Bug Smoothie Spray

Bug Smoothie

Garden Pest Remedy:Tired of nuisance pests attacking your garden plants? Simply treat the bugs to bug juice! Collect by hand the nuisance pests, bugs, grubs or snails from your garden. Place the bugs into a blender, add water, and cover. Flip the switch, and make a bug smoothie. Dilute the bug smoothie, one part to twenty parts of water, to make bug juice. Pour the concoction into a spray bottle, and spray the juice on the leaves on the plants and flowers in your garden and backyard. This homemade bug juice/spray will keep the nuisance pests away.

4. Treat Ants To Breakfast

Ant Breakfast

Ant Remedy: If you are seeing trails of ants outside your home, or are even seeing some mounds or nests popping up, the answer may be simple… Feed the ants breakfast. Sprinkle a box of Cream Of Wheat near ant mounds or nests, and wherever you see foraging trails. The ants will gobble down the yummy breakfast cereal, and EXPLODE! The grains of wheat will expand in the ant’s stomach, causing them to burst. With any luck the ants will take some of the cereal down to the queen, and share. Note: Cornmeal is an equally effective substitute for treating ants.

3. Hire A Blood Donor

Bed Bug Bites Bedbug Remedy: Worried about bedbugs feeding on you while you sleep? Just let them feed on somebody else. For centuries the wealthy and prosperous, especially royalty and nobility, would hire servants to sleep on their floors near their beds. The thought is that blood-sucking bedbugs would feed on the dirtier and less affluent host. This practice still continues today in countries like India. Of course we know today that bedbugs play no favorites, and even frequently infest the beds of celebrities.

2. Stop Shaving

Man Shaving Legs Bedbug Remedy: Research from the UK suggests that my wife should stop shaving her legs, as hairy skin can help prevent bedbugs from biting. Worried about getting bit by bugs like mosquitoes, bedbugs, or ticks on your face or neck… just grow a long beard. I’m talking a Duck Dynasty style beard. The UK study showed that body hair is highly beneficial to people, because it helps deter bed bugs in two ways: by increasing the time it takes for the insect to find a suitable spot to start sucking blood, and by helping people feel them crawling on the hair; across their skin. The next time you go on vacation, make sure it’s not ruined by bedbugs by growing out your body hair.

1. Chicken Patrol

Chicken Patrol Scorpion Remedy: One of the best scorpion exterminators around just happens to be a chicken. Scorpions are like candy to a chicken. Set a few clucking chickens free in your yard everyday and watch as they hunt the stinging scorpions. When your property is clear, return them to their coup. Just make sure all of your chickens are hens, or your neighbors will really love you come 5:00 AM! Unfortunately, chickens can do very little for any scorpions inside your home, unless you want to deal with feathers, and excessive bird droppings on your kitchen floor!  

Get Bulwark Pest Control Instead

If the thought of buying a bunch of chickens to patrol your property, growing out your leg or armpit hair, picking up smoking, or making bug smoothies is too much to fathom; look for an easier and more effective alternative to combat your pests. Get Bulwark Pest Control instead.

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