"Why don’t you make an infographic on which spiders are dangerous & which aren’t. I can't tell the difference, I just run!" -Melissa Fach

I am certain that Melissa is not alone in her fear of spiders. She is also not alone in her curiosity as to which spiders are dangerous and which are not. So Bulwark Exterminating decided to take Melissa's request/advice and create a guide to help identify dangerous spiders in the USA. Hopefully to the relief of many, there are only TWO families of dangerous spiders in the US, the Brown Recluse, and the Black Widow. The bites of these two spiders should be feared. There are many more spiders which will bite you, but the rest of the biting spiders in the US are not nearly so toxic as the Widow and the Recluse. However, all United States spiders can be considered venomous/poisonous spiders. As a rule of thumb, don't eat spiders and they won't eat you.

Guide to Identify Spiders In & Around Your Home

Guide to Identify Dangerous Spiders in the US

Common Spider Hoax

Many believe we eat spiders while we sleep. Read this article: How many spiders do we eat in our sleep? ZERO.

A New Deadly Spider at Olive Garden hiding under toilet seats, biting patrons, and killing 5 in Florida is also a DANGEROUS SPIDER HOAX. This viral sensation comes and goes every couple of years. It began back in 1999. No new deadly spiders have set up camp in the United States.

The Hobo Spider is not dangerous. This discovery has come to light in past decade and many arachnologist now believe that the work of Darwin Kenneth Vest falsely attributed skin problems on rabbits to the hobo spider bite. Further, no deaths can be confirmed for lack of positive spider identification. Europe, to which the hobo spider is native and common, has no reports in the past 100 years of the spider causing necrosis (cell death). While the belief that the hobo spider is dangerous is still widely circulated and disputed, there is no supporting evidence today to put the hobo spider on the dangerous spider list.

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