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We just celebrated our first year here in Austin and as you can imagine, we love everything about it: the people, the weather, our exterminating company. That's right, I said it. When we first moved in we immediately noticed that we were going to need a good pest control service (ants, rolly pollies, June bugs, etc.). Luckily for us, Bulwark knocked on our door our third day here. They advised us that we needed to set up service and quick...with them or with someone else but do it and do it quick. After consulting with family and neighbors, Bulwark came highly recommended. And boy were they right. Every time they come, they are professional, personable, and most importantly, GOOD. With three kids and two dogs, it was important to us to get the bugs in our backyard under control. And since Bulwark started coming, it's all good. And the last two times we've had the pleasure of having Roger as our technician. He's been on time, professional, and great with the kids and dogs. In addition to doing a good and thorough job of spraying, he's given us some great tips on how to combat Texas critters. I sincerely hope we can have him assigned to us permanently. And for anyone that is looking for a pest control company, look no further. You've found the best. Thanks Bulwark and thanks Roger.

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Living in the desert can be scary for many reasons, but the scariest thing is the thought of how many things in the desert can kill you. Scorpions are definitely the poster children for scary desert predators. There are over 1,500 species of scorpions in the world and about 25 are harmful to people. Of those 25, of course one of those is a native of the States. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most common and painful in North America. The following are some of the strongest reasons to stay away from these gruesome pests.

1. Their Sting!

Scorpion Stinger

Scorpions are equipped with a stinger. This stinger produces both poison and pain. This stinger is designed to paralyze prey by hampering the nervous system. In normal healthy adults, the most a scorpion sting should cause is just a sharp pain. This pain should slowly subside and be gone in 15-20 minutes. In more severe reactions, the venom in a scorpion’s stinger can be deadly to humans, especially the elderly and young children. In many it is known to cause numbness in the sting site, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and other similar symptoms.

2. Cannibalism

Scorpion Face

Scorpions are not nice. They commonly prey on each other for food. Young scorpions must stay away from their elders in order to avoid being lunch; even their mother. Once the scorplings climb off its mother, she sees them as prey. Biologists believe scorpions must have developed this trait in order to stay alive in the harsh conditions they live under.

3. Babies Everywhere!

Babies are typically a blessing, but when it comes to scorpions they’re more of a curse. A mother scorpion can have numerous amounts of scorplings in her batch, up to a couple hundred. Scorplings hatch and climb onto the mother’s back for the first couple of weeks of its life until after their first molt. Then they climb off and scurry away to start their own adult scorpion lives filled with cannibalism and evil.

4. Intimidating Posture

Scorpion_Pose These creatures may be small, but they were structurally designed to be feared. Their creepy numerous legs, along with their pincers and stinger, make them look like they’re ready to attack at the drop of a hat. Sometimes a scorpion doesn't even need to inject venom into its prey; with its pincers it can crush its victim. They‘re also covered in a hard exoskeleton that to those of us scared of the thing may seem impenetrable.

5. Tiny & Camouflaged

Scorpion Cammo These small, but viscous, insects do their best to remain hidden and can always squeeze their way into unwanted places. If you live in a desert area, then the chances of finding these guys in your home are very high. Many people have the horrible experience of being stung in their bed, while asleep. So next time you spot this natural desert predator be sure to keep your distance. If they’re common inside the home getting professional pest operators would be a good option.