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I have been with Bulwark for the last two years. We are very much satisfied the way they treat our house both outside and inside. James is our technician he is awesome with loads of patience always listens to our concerns. Takes care of every corner of the house . Excellent work

Masthan Babu Darisi
Buford, GA
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Bulwark Exterminating made it's first appearance ever in the PCT Top 100 this year ranking #31. But being in the top 100 doesn't make Bulwark a big company. Bulwark is still a little fish in a big pond. Dwarfed in size compared to Orkin and Terminix, Bulwark is still small enough to care, but big enough to do it right. Here is a visual break down of other stats from PCT's Top 100 pest control servicelist.

PCT Top 100  Pest Control Companieshttp://

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