We all know that spiders are scary even when it's not Halloween. So, what do the 5 Scariest Spiders dress up like on Halloween to give you a real fright? Well we took a peek at this year's festive costumes of the Black Widow Spider, the Brown Recluse Spider, the Tarantula, the Camel Spider, and the Desert Hairy Scorpion. But who wore it best? Which spider/arachnid is taking home the scariest spider prize? Who needs spider control? Check it out and vote below:

Scariest Spiders

Black Widow cast herself as Lidsay Lohan (a repeat offender... referring to last year's Halloween Treat) Sorry Scarlet Johansson but you won't be playing the Black Widow tonight, but the shy Brown Recluse Spider may have found your cell phone. Sir Herman Cain gets props on his Godfather's Pizza from the Tarantula. The military boys had enough influence on the Camel Spider that Ron Paul gets the Camel Spider vote. And well, the Desert Hairy Scorpion is feared enough so digging out a scary costume meant going for the gold in fear force names, Chuck Norris.

To Vote and Enter for our Halloween Treat

Two Options and 2 chances: 1- Login to Facebook and Vote on our Facebook Poll: http://facebook.com/bulwarkpestcontrol 2- Tweet your vote with a link to this post: "I vote _______ as the scariest spider: http://blwrk.us/ScarySpiders"

The Poll Closes on Halloween at Midnight. So vote by Oct. 31st.


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