austin-wins-2012Bulwark Pest Control Wins Angie’s List Super Service Award

This just in: Angie’s List has announced the winners of their 2012 Super Service Award. Without further adieu; Bulwark Pest Control was chosen as a recipient in the category of Pest Control and Exterminating. Bulwark’s Las Vegas, Phoenix, Mesa, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Tulsa, and Charlottebranches are honored to receive the award. Every year, Angie’s List awards their Super Service Award to exceptional companies that go above and beyond for their customers.

The Super Service Award from Angie’s List

The Angie’s List Super Service Award is a prestigious recognition that is awarded each year to the top five percent of service companies for achieving and maintaining high ratings on Angie’s List throughout the previous year. Essentially, the Super Service Award is determined by the customers who rate the services they receive. This esteemed Super Service Award is highly acknowledged by members of Angie’s List, and the pest control community, because it illustrates Bulwark’s efforts directed toward quality work and customer service.

What is Angie’s List?

Customer review sites have become a go-to for consumers looking to make purchases, and Angie’s list happens to be one of the most frequently used customer review sites. Every month, some 65,000 members write reviews for companies in industries like automotive repair, health care, and home repair. Customers leave comments for services or products rendered; and rate a company’s professionalism, price, punctuality, responsiveness, quality, and overall experience with letter grades A-F. Reviews come straight from the consumer, and companies cannot pay to be on Angie’s List. Essentially, the Angie’s List awards are voted on by the customer.

ssa_color_highres_jpegThe Importance of Customer Reviews

On top of leveling the playing field among pest control companies, customer review sites like Angie’s List have given the consumer more power; making them even more influential. A pest control company’s great service, or poor service for that matter, has made it possible for customers to let the entire world know about it. The vast majority (81%) of all people use consumer reviews in their purchase decisions; and 92% have more confidence in information found online than they do in anything they may hear from any other source.

Bulwark Pest Control Wins Other Awards

While the Angie’s List Super Service Award is highly esteemed, given only to the top five percent of companies, it is not the only customer service award Bulwark has recently received. Bulwark Exterminating has also recently accepted the Best of City Search, Best of Kudzu, and Best of Yelp awards; all while maintaining an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. Impressive!

Choose Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark’s customers have spoken. Based on customer reviews, Bulwark Exterminating needs to be your go to source for eliminating pests. Bulwark’s pest control services are more than just spraying. Their award winning services are about listening, convenience, scheduling, responsiveness, accountability and knowledge. Give Bulwark Pest Control a try, and discover what all of their customers are talking about. Bulwark Pest Control 1-800-445-9313 


English: Bulwark Exterminating

 13 Reasons To Choose Bulwark In 2013 

The New Year is officially upon us, and Bulwark Exterminating wants to help make 2013 your best year ever by ensuring your year is pest free. Here are 13 reasons you should choose Bulwark Pest Control in 2013:

13. Power Sprayer

While many pest control companies us the traditional pump can to apply their product, Bulwark Exterminating uses a power sprayer. The power sprayer will put down enough product to get under every rock, in-between every crack in your yard, and penetrate into your soil; ensuring your property is pest free. This is all done in accordance with EPA guidelines.

12. Flexible Scheduling

Our service technicians are available to serve you Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. Just let us know when you are available.

11. Guarantee

Simply stated; your satisfaction in 100% guaranteed or your money back.

10. Scorpion Truck Service


9. Employee Performance Compensation

At Bulwark, we take care of our people so they can best take care of you. Over 63% of every dollar Bulwark receives was re-invested into employee compensation through bonuses. This helps retain the best and most experienced employees, and ensures you receive the quality service you deserve.

8. All Natural Treatment Options

We give customers the option to choose among three different pest treatments: Signature, All Natural, and Hybrid.

7. Outstanding Customer Reviews

Bulwark Pest Control has a large variety of very positive online reviews from Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Yahoo, and Bulwark has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Bulwark also did a voluntary survey in which 97% of the customers polled would recommend Bulwark to their family and friends. Bulwark takes input from these customer review sites, and from customer surveys, to learn how to better serve you the customer.

6. Free Follow-Up Service Treatments

In the unlikely scenario you find a living bug after one of our treatments, a Bulwark pest technician will come by your home and retreat it within 48 hours, FOR FREE (excludes Holidays and Sundays).

5. Research & Development

Not only does Bulwark use research done by colleges and universities in order to use the best products on the market, we do our own research. We recently tested several products’ effectiveness on scorpions, in house, and were able to determine a clear cut winner. Remember, the products we use are less toxic than toothpaste, but still get the job done.

Testing effectiveness of scorpion control products

Testing effectiveness of scorpion control products

4. Awards

Bulwark Pest Control consistently wins awards for superior customer service. Some of these awards include: Angie’s List Super Service Award, Best of Yelp, Google Favorite Places, Kudzu Best of City, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

3. Our Employees

Bulwark Exterminating hires the best technicians and customer service professionals in the industry. All new hires go through meticulous criminal background checks, driving record checks, and full drug test. Random drug tests are conducted on an ongoing basis.

2. Bulwark’s Protective Barrier

Bulwark’s effective pest treatments create a barrier around your property the keeps the pests from entering. When the outdoor pests are eliminated, most interior treatments are unnecessary. You’ll be seeing the dead bugs more frequently outside; as opposed to inside your home.

1. Dedication To Customer Service

Here at Bulwark, we will exceed your service expectations. We listen to our customers, and are very good listeners. Tell us your pest problem, and we’ll find the most effective solution, at the lowest cost to you. Our customers may go online at any time and critique any specific treatment rendered. We’ll take this information and learn from it, so your experience will be top notch. We will treat your house as our home.

Choose Bulwark In 2013 

Bulwark Exterminating would like to take this opportunity and wish you all a Happy New Year 2013. May this year bring prosperity, joy, and happiness to all of you. We’re looking forward to your business through 2013 and beyond. If you are not yet a customer of ours, give us the opportunity to demonstrate why we are the best in the industry!  


Charlotte, NCCharlotte, NC (Photo credit: Willamor Media)[/caption]

Charlotte Pest Control

Bulwark Family Pest Control Service is the most reviewed exterminator in Charlotte, North Carolina. We serve all residents living in Charlotte and surrounding areas. The increase of pest problems in Charlotte stems from the introduction of people and new homes that pests thrive in. In order to win the war against these pests, you need an exterminator that knows what they are doing. Here at Bulwark we can provide just that.

Charlotte Pests

Common pests that you can find in Charlotte include ants, spiders, roaches, and crickets. The red imported fire ant is dangerous because a person will usually receive at least a hundred bites at once. Wolf spiders are common to North Carolina and they can be very aggressive when threatened. The oriental cockroaches, also known as water bugs, spread diseases with their unsanitary living habits. Crickets are annoying and they will keep you up at night.

Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating is here to help with all of your needs. Our family service covers all of the pests with a money-back guarantee. We have done our research and found ways to effectively exterminate the problem from your home. We create a bulwark, or a defensive wall around your home, preventing unwanted visitors. With Charlotte’s professional technicians and friendly customer service, Bulwark is here to help.


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