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"Hi, I’m Jared Peacock. I’m a Bulwark Exterminating employee. I’ve been with the company about three years, three and a half about. Yeah, well scorpions are pretty common out here in Arizona, black widows, as well. Roaches are common, too, and then just your regular spiders. We’re here to treat for the scorpions. When I do a good job, it feels great. I love making customers happy, making them feel satisfied with the service that they get. Just a lot better barrier around the perimeter of the house with the entry point treatments, the perimeter spray, and then the treatments that we do inside with the in-wall treatment, through the outlets." -Bulwark Exterminating Pest Control

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Chris M. Peoria, AZ
We are very happy with our service with Bulwark, we've been them for about 6 months now and have seen such a dramatic change for the better.no more bugs! We are so glad Taylor L is our technician, he's very professional and we always know he will do a good job. He's on top of our service dates and never fails to show up when he says he will or if we need him.
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