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Both these techs are awesome!!!!! Great with customer service and do there job...no messing around! In fact, I've never had a bad tech from Bulwark and I've been using them since 2002. The only problems I've ever had was the office scheduling double appointments and then charging for double appointments. But when I call them, they take care of the problem right away!!!! I always recommend Bulwark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‎

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AJ Richards, a bed bug expert explains when will Bed Bugs Bite you at night.
"Bed bugs typically do not feed until the hours of three and five in the morning. Generally when we are in that deep REM sleep where we are not moving or rolling around. When we are perfectly still it's easier for the bed bug to come out of hiding and feed. It's also the time where the heat and the carbon dioxide cloud is built up the most so they can find us easier."