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Serviced today by Charles A. from Bulwark whom our little dog made a fuss about him being in the yard, but Charles was very friendly and remained very professional. Thank you for lending me a hand. I'm so glad to have the area behind the patio furniture covered. I'm always afraid spiders may hide back there. I appreciate the extra effort and the thorough job. Thanks Charles A. maybe we'll be lucky to have you again!

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http://www.bulwarkpestcontrol.com/ant-control-solution.php Here in Texas we've got the red imported fire ant typically setting up camp along the sprinkler heads and along sidewalks and streets but when the rain dries up and we have less rain they will congregate around this area because it's just more moisture they've moved along this expansion joint come out underneath the expansion joint where there's more water in this watered lawn setup camp right here when this dries out they start moving along the concrete slabs and eventually migrate to the home the houses is like a large rock in the forest and the moisture content under the house is much more constant much more stable doesn't dry out as fast the first place they'll show up is right underneath the splash guards they'll set up camp ride along the foundation here when we move it back you can see an entire nest all the channels and the tunnels and everything goes on underneath this splash area the key with ants is the actual get the queen because if you just get the worker ants the colony will be either move split or rejuvenate and then you have a problem again.