Anytime you live next to an open field, a golf course or a lake you get a lot of little spiders ballooning over to your house they spin a little web in the wind when their babies and the wind picks up that web and carries it to the high tree or to your house where they'll attach to your house and start to thrive. Eventually they grow up in a way and this is what we have here we have five egg sacs each containing about two hundred ends so while the problem did not originate here they got here and now they're laying eggs directly on your wall, problem is that these egg sacs, hatch they're gonna find a way in this window from small cracks or crevices and pressure inside your home.


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Just wanted to mention that we have been using Bulwark for a little over a year and found them and our technician to be very responsive! Nate is a wonderful representative of this company, as he is very professional and thorough. We have never had such perfect care! It is a pleasure to have such great service from a hardworking and outgoing young man! Nate follows our instructions to the "T" & we would recommend him & Bulwark to anyone! We have not found any scorpions in our home and that is a tremendous relief for our family! Thank you Bulwark for sending out such a well trained and informed technician! We appreciate your company very much!‎
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