Transcript From How Do You Get Rid of Scorpions-Scorpion Control:

Scorpion Control Professional: Adam: "I’d like to welcome everybody out to correlation. We’re going to talk about scorpions today." "Scorpions are not insects. Scorpions are not insects, okay? Scorpions and spiders are called arachnids and they are not insects. Now, why is that important? Insects groom their body all the time, if you’ve ever watched a fly up close, it’s doing this thing all the time, okay? They always like and clean their body, okay? Just like a dog does." "Okay, let’s go over a few more details. This is a make-shift scorpion here. We’re looking at it upside down, okay? Pretend that it’s upside down, laying on its back, okay? Scorpions do not breathe like human beings breathe. They don’t have lungs, they don’t have a circulatory system, *breathes in and out*, they don’t inhale, exhale, no insects do. Scorpions, spiders, arachnids, no invertebrates, anything that crunches when you step on it, it has a skeleton on the outside of its body called an exoskeleton, anything that crunches when you step on it does not have any lungs or any method of breathing. Now, what they do have are little, tiny holes on the bottom side of their body. And those holes allow air to go into their body. And their organs, the bodily organs, are just floating in like, blood. There’s no pump, there’s no heart, there’s nothing. There’s just floating and what. And the oxygen exchanges through these holes, okay?" "Now, in addition to the underside of the body, there are also little hairs, very small hairs called cilia. These holes are called spherical, little hair’s called cilia. And what the spider or more specifically the scorpion does with these hairs is, scorpions are almost completely blind, they can’t see hardly anything. But, they rest their body right on the ground so that the little hairs are just touching the ground just barely. And when a cricket hops by, it’s a form of sonar. They actually can tell where the cricket is and how big the organism is that’s coming after them by the vibrations in the earth. Scorpions can live for six months without water or food. Six months." "Scorpions can live five to fifteen years, okay? Five to fifteen years, that’s a long time. Most people, that fact will shock people, okay? They’re like, oh my gosh. This isn’t a problem that’s going to go away in the wintertime, is it? Okay, now if you have one female inside your wall have twenty-five to forty-five baby scorpions, she births those scorpions alive. She doesn’t lay eggs. She births them alive; if you can zoom in on this picture, I’m not sure, it might be too small. She births those scorpions alive, they climb up on her back, and they piggyback, you can see them on her back, all around inside your walls. And as they get bigger and bigger, they fall off. So, she spreads them around in your walls. In a couple of months, they can start breeding and they will breed with sisters and brothers." - Bulwark Exterminating Scorpion Control

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