Okay after those palmetto bugs or sewer roaches move from the storm drains and woodlands to your yard they quickly move in to your mulch beds your mulch retains water very well and the root system has a lot of different insects that those roaches can eat as well as other decaying organic matter unfortunately they won't stay here they noticed that there is moisture or moist air coming out of the weep holes these weep poles are normal holes that your builder leaves in your walls so that moisture can escape or weep out of the walls so you don't get mildew unfortunately that moist air will draw those oriental sewer roaches into your home and will start to pressure your home from the inside.


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We have been using Bulwark for about 3 years. Most of the time the service has been terrific. Today Marty came and was kind and patient with me as I explained my dreaded scorpion sighting that same morning. He covered our house top to bottom, was very service oriented. Thank you Marty!‎
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