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The service was excellent. He answered all my questions and was quick and efficient. We have had a couple different exterminators come to our home and none of them have done the job like he did today. I really liked the fact that he took the electric socket covers off and sprayed inside. You definetly get your moneys worth with Bulwark Pest Control. Thank you Dan Bolt‎

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http://www.bulwarkpestcontrol.com/pest-library/roaches-259/american-roach-278.php Roaches are the ultimate scavengers and can eat close to anything they can find around your house, among these things is toothpaste, namely the leftover residue on your brush after you clean your teeth. The thought makes you ask yourself if your feeding the roaches each time you leave your toothbrush by the sink. To show this Bulwark has put together a video perhaps over-dramatizing but showing just what the roaches may be doing when your not around.