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Bulwark Exterminating has the friendliest servicemen. They are polite, respectful of the property and always willing to spray inside and outside the house when asked. Jameson Hunter is the one who usually comes to the house and it puts a smile on my face to see him. He is very thorough and always answers to my demands with a smile on his face. Bulwark always calls me on the 1st of the month to set up an appointment so I never have to worry about late service. If you're looking for a exterminating company, Bulwark is the right one. If you're looking for friendly and efficient service, Jameson is the right man for the job. Highly recommend.

Hope G.
Peoria, AZ
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Many people wonder where those larger roaches come from the sewer roaches or the darker ones as from scurry across the pavement at night or sometimes you find in your house in the bathroom, near the garage every house in the city's connected by a storm drain the cockroaches will come out through the manholes that are oftentimes located in your yard when the climate changes and gets too wet or dries out too much these organisms specifically the sewer roaches or oriental cockroaches will come out these manhole covers and look for more stable environment frequently that's your yard, they infest vegetation there eating decaying organic matter and eventually migrate into the house putting pressure inside on the home.