So out of all those little spiders get inside your home the ones that kind of run along jump along the grass they have organisms like these pincher bugs and other insects down-deep right along the foundation where the grass meets the foundation what happens though is that these running hunting spiders will set up camp inside what we call the we poll that the gap between the bricks that allows moist air to escape your wall that moist air draws insects and they'll set up camp and nest back there and unfortunately when they lay their eggs their eggs are inside your wall two to six hundred babies will then hatch inside the wall and you'll start seeing little tiny spiders running around the corners of your phone you also see little cobwebs set up in the corners. This is where it comes from. Bulwark Exterminating is the #1 pest control option for keeping pests out of your home.
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Aydelotte, S Austin, TX
Scorpions are my only real problem and only in the summer months. In the past, I had scorpions in between treatments. Problem solved. And Bulwark always came back out for free if I did have a problem.