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We moved from Az to San Antonio and didnt think there would be scorpions here were we ever wrong. Steven our tech assured us he could take care of the problem and he has not let us down once. He is always friendly and very professional plus has a great attitude. My wife and I agree that if Bulwerk lost Steven we would have probably switched companies. I also have my parents vaction house sprayed monthly and Steven is the reason we stay with Bulwark.‎

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http://www.bulwarkpestcontrol.com/ant-control-solution.php Bulwark Exterminating ant specialist explains how ants make it into your yard and into your house. Bulwark Exterminating provides the best quality of ant control. So how do you get ants in your home when you live in a desert especially ants that are not indigenous to the desert well here's the answer this is a potted plant that came from a nursey its now dead but when the plant was purchased the soil was very moist in nurseries all the plants are very close together and oftentimes grown in other locations not in the desert Ant colonies establish inside the soil of the plant then the plants move and transplanted into your yard they quickly establish on the tree that is growing and they'll harvest insects off the tree but the constant water drippers and the water source in the yard and in the desert emits water every couple of days to keep the ground and the soil underneath the plant wet as the population grows eventually they colony starts to spread out and move closer to the house as you can see here living underneath patios and up against the house and pools in time their population continues to grow with additional water and they make it inside the house and eventually your kitchen counter.