Transcript from How Crickets Get In Your House:

"Wherever you live there's no doubt that crickets have been in abundance. The house cricket can be particularly problematic. In addition to making an annoying chirping noise they are aptly named for the place they are often found and where we least like to have them-- Our homes.  How do they get in? It all begins with their main food source; decaying plant material which they find easily under the plants in your yard. However, when the weather gets rough and conditions become less ideal they move to wherever they can find cooler and damper air. In the walls of our houses are the perfect places for them to hide with little ventilation holes that grant shelter and shade. From there the journey inside is neither far nor difficult. You want your exterminating company to know where these pests hide and how to set up a solid wall or the clever bugs will break through."

-Bulwark Exterminating Phoenix Pest Control and Cricket Control


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We have used Bulwark Pest Control since we built our house in 2004.. We ONLY use Ryan Peck for our tech and we have recommended him to others. He is a courteous and knowledgeable professional and does a fantastic job. He notices things we don't even see. Then he follows up without us asking to see if we have any problems. Ryan is a major asset to your company. Also, the girls I have spoken to over the phone are very nice.‎
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