Here we have an example of a fire ant colony that's moved in underneath the roots of this plant. The homeowner keeps this plant and this whole bed more moist than the yard, generally speaking cause he wants to keep the plants alive and the flowers blooming. Problem is that that really attracts fire ants from many different locations around the home. They're all throughout this area. The soil is very loose and allows them to set up camp in bring their eggs to the surface so the sun will warm them. If this area dries out or if the colony splits, the new colony will bud off possibly move into the house for additional moisture.

Bulwark Exterminating ant exterminating and fire ant exterminating specialists explain why you have ants and fire ants around your plant and in your plants. Knowledge is power, and Bulwark Exterminating not only gets the job done, but knows when and where to look for pests, and then know how to rid you of pests, insects, and bugs. -Bulwark Exterminating Pest Control Fire Ant Control. 


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Scotty Gilbert, AZ
We recently moved in a home that had been vacant for quite awhile. After using 2 pest control companies and not seeing results, I contacted Bulwark. While we do see a scorpion every now and then, Bulwarks' methods and caring technicians put me as ease. We recently used the irrigaton for the first time and realized we had bees in one of the closed ports. Kyle came out and in 105 heat, put on the bee suit and got rid of them. There were a lot of them and it did not look easy at all. I really appreciate your hard work, Kyle!‎
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