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Bulwark Exterminating is our number one pest control company, Our technician Ed Sakugawa is very courteous, friendly and helpful. He is very good of what he does and really proud of his job. I have mentioned him to my sister who is looking of changing her current pest control service from another company. My sister is sold and will be calling to have a service started next month. I will always be with Bulwark as long as I have Ed as our tech. He is the kind of employee that gives a company a good name. Keep up the good work Ed.‎

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Transcript from: Cricket Control- Crickets In Your Basement and Crawl Space of Your Home

"So we got a camel cricket (cave cricket) population in the basement. Millions of baby camel crickets in this year's crop plus the bigger ones that are up in the insulation; they feed a spider population. If you look over here you can see a spider web four egg-sacs each exact will have four hundred to eight hundred babies now the spider isn't here because it's winter time. This spider probably died but it leaves behind eggs that will hatch in the spring and start to feed on these camel crickets. Eventually these baby spiders will put pressure on the sub flooring of the house and end up going up into home. It's really important that your pest control company treats the crawl space. If you can see the eggs: in one of these egg-sacs there's little white dots. This is- I'm holding approximately four thousand spiders in my hands, next spring that's why you can't just treat around the outside of the home and expect control of a spider population."

--Bulwark Exterminating Expert