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Had a major Scorpion issue sometimes killing 15+ per night and it didn't slow down. I tried everything from local stores and still nothing. Signed up with Bulwark and I my searches at night found only a couple a month and now I have not seen one in a long while. Well worth it.

patrick f.
Peoria, AZ
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http://www.bulwarkpestcontrol.com/our-people.php There's no arguing it, what makes a business a good business is good people, and here at Bulwark we have the best. Our employees are knowledgeable compassionate and thorough. What more could you ask for? Brandon, one of our technicians, is one of these great employees. He is dedicated to getting the job done right and if something go's wrong he is quick to fix it himself. Bulwark isn't just a wall to keep bugs out, its a wall to make you feel safe.