Another installment of Bulwark Exterminating's Roach Bits. Valentines Day Edition.

Valentine's Day, Makes or Breaks Relationships each year,

Is the Love Bug on your side?

Can you imagine having all your painstaking Valentine's day romantic work foiled by one small oversight? A year ago some people thought it cute to offer a "Name a Roach for Valentine's Day". We thought this ill advised, as we have proof to the contrary that Valentine's Day cockroaches are a bad idea, especially when handed to a women in a red container that looks like a chocolate filled heart box. It really isn't a pretty site. So we have decided to demonstrate just how much a roach is not a love bug, and how much it could just be a romance killer. Hope you enjoy our video.

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Maureen St. George, UT
Nate is a gem. We have had horrible problems with ants, and he has made many return visits, done inside and outside treatments as necessary and is cheerful and friendly with my 5 year old grandson. - He even gets along well with the nasty sounding pit bull! Bulwark is by far the best service we have found in this area.‎
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