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"Hi, I’m Jared Peacock. I’m a Bulwark Exterminating employee. I’ve been with the company about three years, three and a half about. Yeah, well scorpions are pretty common out here in Arizona, black widows, as well. Roaches are common, too, and then just your regular spiders. We’re here to treat for the scorpions. When I do a good job, it feels great. I love making customers happy, making them feel satisfied with the service that they get. Just a lot better barrier around the perimeter of the house with the entry point treatments, the perimeter spray, and then the treatments that we do inside with the in-wall treatment, through the outlets." -Bulwark Exterminating Pest Control

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Joan Clancy Phoenix, AZ
I used another pest control company for nearly a decade but the service at the other place progressively got worse and worse. Long story short, after the 8th different tech in many months showed up hours late for my regular appointment, I started looking for another company for regular pest control. Bulwark had great reviews online and now I see why. I’ve only used them for the initial service so far but already I’m more impressed with them than I was with my other pest control company. Cory arrived right on time and was not only professional, but also extremely courteous and friendly. He treated both the interior and exterior of my home, explaining everything he was doing, and he reassured me that the pesticides wouldn’t harm my two dogs. Cory also explained that he would be my regular technician, which is really great as far as I’m concerned. I like having the same person each time for many reasons. I also love that Bulwark only needs to come every other month and treat the outside. Of course, they will treat the inside again if need be, but it’s great that I don’t have to be home when Cory comes to treat my property. Very convenient. I would definitely recommend Bulwark Pest Control. Everyone I’ve dealt with there has been extremely professional and it seems like they offer effective service at a very reasonable price.
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