We all remember our college years. We lived with not a whole lot of money. Some of us took a few odd-end jobs just to be able to buy food for the week or fill up our tanks with gas. As Bulwark seeks to support those with a dream, we recently created the Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship to identify and reward an upcoming salesperson who has shown the same kind of grit and dedication on which Bulwark Exterminating was founded. It is our pleasure and honor to name Jordan Faiella of Central Florida University the first recipient of the Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship. Jordan wins $500 which he intends to put towards his education and also an iPad Mini. Let's meet our winner! Jordan is currently a freshman at UCF and as a part of his application essays, recounted a time when he was in high school and looking for a way to raise money that would be spent on his college tuition. He decided to make and sell low-cost breakfast items to students that would momentarily be taking the SAT exam. In his own words... "The only way to earn money would be through old-fashioned entrepreneurship. That's when the dreaded SAT, usually a harbinger of death, became a ray of hope in my dim financial future. I decided to sell the anxious test takers nutritious, brain-power snacks before the test at the high school-friendly price of one dollar. While it cost me more than a dollar on most of these items, I correctly predicted the sheer volume of the people who would buy them would cover the cost. Doing the stand every month the SAT was administered, I was able to rake in about $250 per test, over seven tests, resulting in a profit of over $1,700." So where did Jordan find this type of inspiration? "Rockefeller. Gates. Buffet. Men known for their great fortunes, but what they should be known for is their work ethic. They started their careers as salesmen, selling their respective products - oil, software or stocks. Their dogged determination to sell these products changed the world and I hope one day to do the same." From among nearly 600 scholarship applicants, we felt Jordan's essays most accurately displayed the hard working ethic that continues to drive Bulwark as one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in the country. The Aaron Seever Scholarship. Aaron Seever is a co-founder of Bulwark Exterminating. Before creating Bulwark, he worked as a door-to-door sales representative at another nationally known pest control company. There, he broke nearly every sales record in their books. As a result, he was asked to help rewrite the sales curriculum for that company, which is the same material used to this day. Aaron still oversees Bulwark's recruitment and development of its sales staff, and does so with a hands-on approach, oft times personally recruiting specific individuals that he identifies to represent the face and brand of Bulwark. "True salesmanship seems to be a lost art these days," says Aaron. "High quality salesmen and women are the most underrated employees we have in our country. They are the faces and voices of our brands. They are not just selling product. They are selling the value and experience of our companies in a one-on-one relationship building experience." Congratulations, Jordan! You earned it!

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