Transcript from Ant Control-Ant Colonies-Ant Guru:

Pest Control Professional and Ant Guru Speaking: "Okay, welcome. We’re talking today about ants, specifically ants in the desert. I want to go over how ants breed, what an ant colony is, under what condition should you expect to find an ant problem. I’m going to tell you how they operate, how they react to certain types of sprays." "Let’s talk about the ants themselves. Ants live in a colony. They’re a social insect. There are many types of workers in a colony. There’s a queen or multiple queens. Those are the ones that are responsible for reproducing. They lay eggs deep in the nest. Queens, an important fact to know about queens is they never, ever come out." "Another important fact is that there are worker majors and worker minors, we call them forgers, and only about 20% of an average colony ever comes out of its nest. In other words, I’ll repeat that. Only 20% ever come out of a nest. So, if they take a vacuum and vacuum up all of the ants they see, did they get rid of their ant problem? No, because the worker minors are the ones that help the queen and help the baby larvae and the baby ants grow up to be big ants, and they never come out, and they always have a food supply in their nest." "There’s a fourth class called the winged reproductives. Those are the ants that sometimes have wings on them, and they’re males and females, and they fly up and usually mate in the air, and they fly to a new location and they start a new colony." "Of all of the different classes, probably the most important are the queens, because unless you get the queen, you don’t get rid of the problem. A lot of people ask the question, why do ants walk in a line? Everyone knows that ants will walk in a line. And they walk in a line because certain forger ants can lay down a chemical trail; it’s a literal chemical hormone that they lay down and other ants follow it to the food source. Chemical trails laid down by ants can last up to a year." "How does that implicate, I mean, what implications or what kind of conclusions can we draw from that? Well, if we eliminate an ant colony that’s in a consumer’s wall, completely eliminate it, right? And let’s say there’s another ant colony floating around in their yard, just kind of living out there. And they pick up on the chemical trail that led into the house that led the first colony into the house, they pick up on that and they can shoot right in. It’s like a freeway system has already been built for them. So, it’s like they’re floating around out in the yard living kind of good, but it’s still hot and they’re still looking for a better place to live, they come across that chemical trail that that forger ant put down for the last colony that we eliminated, and they’ll shoot right back into the house." - Bulwark Exterminating Ant Control

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