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Millipedes in Charlotte

Millipedes are some of the ugliest bugs to find in your home. These creepy crawlers can have hundreds of legs that they use to glide around your home. Typically brown and 2.5-4 cm long, these pests love damp and moist locations. Removing any logs or leaf piles around your home could reduce the chance of a millipede infestation.

No More Millipedes Guaranteed

Bulwark Pest Control promises to completely eliminate millipedes, legs and all. Controlling centipedes can be difficult. Labels read full pest control but don’t always work. We have the highest quality products and can guarantee effectiveness 100%. If you’re not pleased with our services we will refund your money. Call today!

There’s also help for other common pests. Bulwark is a Charlotte Exterminator helping residents with Charlotte Ant Control, Charlotte Spider Control, Charlotte Roach Control, and other common bugs. We’re here to help you live bug free. Call today!

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