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We have had no problems for more than a year in this house. They have always been on time. Our Technician Dave is great to work with. Their fees are resonable and great service. I recommend them to all my friends. Excellent people to work.‎

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Charlotte, NC
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Family-owned, 94% recommended with a 100% money-back guarantee, Bulwark Exterminating is the preferred exterminating company in Indian Trail, NC. We want to be your pest control company, call us today...

About Indian Trail, NC

Indian Trail Exterminators

Indian Trail, NC is named for the original "Indian Trail" that ran from Petersburg, VA to gold mining and the Waxhaw Indians. In the last twenty years the population has jumped over 31,000 residents. This rapid increase in population causes a need for new homes and commercial area. This spike also increases the pest population.

You don't want have to worry about pests while enjoying your residency in Indian Trail. This is where Bulwark comes in. Bulwark Pest Control has one main goal: To provide a bulwark around your home. Bulwark means barrier, and this barrier keeps those pesky pests out of your home. Bulwark is family-owned and prides itself in quality for customer service and is known for being professional and effective. Call us today and build that Bulwark around your home.


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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