How ants get into my home

Bulwark Exterminates Your Carpenter Ant Infestations

From great sports teams to a business powerhouse, Charlotte is ready for you. The subtropical humid climate can be relaxing, but can also bring bugs. Carpenter ants can cause massive unrest in your home. Get Bulwark to help.

Carpenter ants are notorious pests. They are strong and invasive. These ants have wings, love wood, and are sometimes confused with termites. They don’t eat wood like termites, but they definitely destroy it. They like to build their nests in your home and on your property.

Bulwark has the best solution for you. With our 5-step process, we promise to completely eliminate your Carpenter ants. Filled with experience and knowledge, Bulwark guarantees your services. We know they work. Start your risk-free service today!

What Bulwark’s Customers Are Saying About Our Ant Control Service

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What Bulwark’s Customers Are Saying About Our Ant Control Service?

97% of Customers Surveyed in 2009 Recommend Bulwark Exterminating to Friends and Family.

Our Charlotte Ant Control Guarantee

We guarantee that Bulwark is the solution for you. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, it couldn’t be any easier to get professional help. We promise you won’t see any ants or other pests with us. If you do happen to see something crawling near you, let us know and within 48 hours we will be back out to solve anything gone wrong. We are recommended by 97% of our customers. Come see for yourself today!

Whether it’s Charlotte Cricket Control, or Charlotte Roach ControlCharlotte Termite ControlCharlotte Brown Recluse Control, or Charlotte Spider ControlBulwark Pest Control has you covered! Give us a call today!

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