When do Black Widows Mate?

When Do Black Widows Mate

The Threat of Black Widow Bites

Spiders are some of the scariest pests out there, but Black Widow spiders are more like a nightmare. Black Widows are not aggressive in nature, but females do have a very aggressive bite that is known to cause serious health concerns. Jet black and with a large abdomen, this spider is easily recognized by the unique red hourglass figure on its abdomen. If you spot a Black Widow in your home, professional help may be a good idea for you.

Getting bit by a Black Widow is no walk in the park. Venom from this female is toxic and can cause a variety of physical symptoms like pain, cramps, nausea, fever, and vomiting. Whatever your symptoms may be, we recommend seeking medical assistance. Keeping young children and the elderly safe from this pest is also advised.

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