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Charlotte is a U.S. financial powerhouse. Just behind NYC, major financial institutions call Charlotte home. Employing thousands, Charlotte has the best for everyone. Professional sports and professional people; that’s the Charlotte way. Keeping up with life can get crazy, and so can battling bugs in your home.

Beetles are the sneakiest bugs in the Charlotte area. From Carpet beetles to stink bugs, Charlotte has many many pests. Some species of beetles destroy gardens, while others love the inside of your home. Destroying rugs and flooring, Carpet beetles are tiny bugs that will insert themselves under your carpet. Stink bugs cause disturbing odors in your Charlotte home. Whatever beetle may be near, be sure to eradicate theses pests with professional help.

Other common Charlotte beetles include Blister beetles, assassin bugs, Elm Leaf beetles, Ground beetles, Mold beetles, Sowbugs, and True Chinch bugs.

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Bulwark is the solution. We guarantee to exceed your expectations of pest control service. Our technicians work flexible hours and we will service on your time. If you see any bugs again, we’ll be there within 48 hours. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Whatever your standards we can get there, if not, you’ll get your money back! Start your Bulwark protection today! Bulwark Exterminating is a Charlotte Exterminator. Services include Charlotte Roach Control, Charlotte Spider Control, and Charlotte Cricket Control.

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