Love Bug Anyone?

Hello fellow crafters and food artists! Check out the latest Buzz: We have made a special Valentine’s treat for just you! Check out our bug-uitful and delicious bug inspired snacks. Yum! Bug-Treat Recipe

This is a fun, simple recipe that is a blast to do with the entire family. Here’s how we made the little guys:

Love Bug Recipe:

Bug  Treats Individually Prep time: about 5 mins.

Valentine's Day Love Bug Treats By Thomas Ballantyne, Feb. 2, 2014 Lady Bug Treat
This fun and easy recipe is a great activity for young and old kids alike. Plus they are guaranteed to satisfy your sweettooth this Valentine's day.
Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook time: 3 minutes Yield: 15 Love Bugs

What you'll need:

    • Tripple Stuffed Oreos
    • Candy Melt or Almond Bark
    • Valentine's Conversation Hearts
    • 1 Box of Junior Mints
    • Valentine's Candy Corns
    • Black Sprinkles (large)
    • Pretzel Sticks 
    • Betty Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing (easy spray can)
    • Candy Eyes (optional)
    • Food Marker (optional)
    • Popsicle Sticks or Decrotive Straws (optional)

Bulwark Tip: Straws, although very cute, can be a little difficult to use. If you are having trouble, or want to simplify things, we recommend using Popsicle sticks.

**You may not need all of the ingredients above, if you want to simplify these than just grab the short list for the ladybugs (oreos, red candy melts, black sprinkles, junior mints)



Step one

Lay out your Oreos on the wax paper.

Step two (optional)

If you want a handle for your treat, take a straw or Popsicle stick and wedge it into the cream center of a cookie. Push it in about a ½ inch inside the cream. Be careful not to stick it in too far or the cookie will separate. Repeat with the rest.

Step three

Wedge your wings and tails in. For wings: we used candy corn and the candy hearts to make our wings. Pick where you want your wings to be on your bug and stick the skinny side of the candy into the cream sides of the cookie in that spot. Stick them in far enough, so that they do not fall out, but not too far as to separate the cookie. For the tail: we used pretzel sticks and the candy corn to make our tails. Pick where you want the tail and stick the pretzel stick or candy corn (skinny side in) into the cream center of your cookie. Bulwark tip: we did not use wings or tails for our lady bugs. We found that the simpler our lady bugs were, the cuter they turned out!

Step four

Decorate the body.

< Red  Melting Wafers (for lady bugs only)>

Red Candy Melts


Bulwark tip: we love this brand! It was very easy to use!

For the Lady Bugs: melt wafers using the instructions on the package. Take a spoon, scoop up some melted chocolate and pour it over the cookie. If you want the bottom covered as well, flip the cookie over and pour some chocolate over bottom, then flip the cookie back over and set it on wax paper. Before the chocolate cools too much, sprinkle black sprinkles over the top of the cookie as desired and stick a half of junior mint in the cream center of the cookie where you want its head to be.

For the Bees: Get creative! We used the spray frosting to decorate the body of our bugs. We had a lot of fun here. To make bees we used yellow and black frosting to strip across a cookie, or used licorice as the stripes. This is also where the black food marker can come into play. Draw smiles, strips, hair, or goofy faces with this. There is no end to the fun!

Step Five

Before the frosting dries, add your candy eyes, sprinkles or junior mints where you want the eyes to be. It is fun to switch it up from bug to bug, so again, have fun! Then let the candy and forsting harden overnight.

And you’re done!

Love Bug Recipe

Congrats and Happy Valentine’s Day from Bulwark!

If you decide to try out this recipe we would love to see pictures! Email the pictures to us at and title it "Bug Treats" and we will add it to our gallery!

Serving up Love Bugs

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