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"This is a great company. We have used them for years. We recently moved to Round Rock from Southwest Austin and our first service at our new home was this morning. Our technician, Nick B., was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and did a very thorough job. In fact, we have requested that Nick B. be the technician that will always come to our house. He was very professional."

Date published: 08/03/2012
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About Round Rock, TX

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Round Round, Texas is a city split between both the Travis and Williamson counties. The population is lingering around 100,000. They are ranked as one of the best small cities to live in. The picture shown above is the Dell Diamond baseball stadium as found in Round Rock. Dell Diamond is home of the Round Rock Express a minor league baseball team affliated with the Texas Rangers. But also home to Round Rock is an assortment of pests and other creppy crawlies that are invading your home.


Common Pests Found in round Rock, Texas

Fire Ants

The red imported fire ants are covered in long, bristly hairs and they are named for their red head and thorax as well as their ability to pack a powerful sting. In most cases a person will receive hundreds of stings at once causing a raised welt on the body. The size of an average colony is 250,000 ants, with the queen laying 1,600 eggs a day.


There are two common species of spiders common to Round Rock and Texas. Black Widows are the most dangerous spiders in North America. They can be identified by the hourglass pattern found on their underside and they kill their prey by injecting a neurotoxin which can be fatal, even to humans. The violin spider, also known as the brown recluse can survive six months without food or water. They will commonly live within structures and their bites can lead to a large wound that lingers.


Scorpions are amoung the most feared pests commonly found in your house. Their size ranges from 1 inch to almost 7 inches. Their sting is painful, and the venom can cause serious harm to both the young and the elderly. Most scorpions are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and they prefer to live outdoors. But if it gets erally hot outside they will wnader into strucutres finding their way into shoes, piles of clothing, and beds.


Cockroaches are very unsanitary, they contaminate everything that they come in contact with. They will eat everything from cosmetics, toothpaste, and even postage stamps. They also emit a strong odor that can be transfered to other items in the home. They will also transport bacteria, this means that your food may be contanimated by the mere presence of a cockroach infestation.

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Bulwark's family pest control service covers all of pests covered above and more. We are a family-owned pest control company that prides itself in quality customer service and professional technicians that know what they are doing. Need a service and not from Round Rock? Don't worry we serve the Austin metropolitan area. We also have a San Antonio Pest Control service as well as a Houston Pest Control service.

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