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We have had your service for 6 years and it has been great. However, when Dion comes over and does our pest service, he kicks it up another notch to an excellent service. My wife and I are very pleased and look forward to having Dion come out every month. It is always a surprise when we see him. We always invite him in and offer him some water, gatorade, or a soda. My wife also always comments about his great and personable service and how knowledgable he is and is always willing to go the extra mile. We have always requested that he be our technician but Bulwark always seems to change his route occasionally. Dion needs to be recognized and rewarded for how he represents Bulwark and how he does his job and interacts with his customers. He is definitely an asset to your company. ...Leonard and Toni Perez‎

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Family-owned, 97% recommended with a 100% money-back guarantee, Cedar Park Exterminating is the preferred exterminating company in Cedar Park, TX. We want to be your pest control company.

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"I just had my first service from Bulwark Exterminating. Michael Thomas was my technician, and he was great. He explained everything he did in detail, so I knew exactly what was being done to my home. He went into great depth explaining the problems we have had with sugar ants. Highly recommended."

Date published: 06/25/2012
5 / 5 stars

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Cedar Park TX is well known for Brushy Creek Lake Park. A great attraction for the metropolitan area of Austin, TX. Pictured above is cotton, a major part of the agriculutre of Cedar Park and the Williamson County.

Bulwark's a family owned business dedicated in controlling the pest problem in your life. Our pest control services in Cedar Park includes the expert control of the pests listed scorpions, roaches, crickets, spider, roaches, and more! Give us a call today (512) 813-6247

Not from the Austin area? We also have a San Antonio Pest Control service!

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